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  1. i would love to... but i have a virus on my computer and i cant promise i would be online enough to post... right now im at the library
  2. Hey angel! wanna join me and dellas new roleplay, called Lyle house.
  3. lol, its awesome
  4. lol, i just hope i like it... you should read the 'gregor the over lander' series, its really good, if you havent already of course lolz
  5. lol, idk exactly what your talking about but its ok cause i got a saga now ^_^
  6. lol, i dont know who that is lol, what type of stuff do they write?
  7. kk, thanks for understanding at least >.<

    any who... umm... i hope that previous comment doesnt backfire... and do you have any other authors/books you like?
  8. idk to be honest, im not really into the horror types but idk really
  9. lol, i knowz what your talkin 'bout, ive done that like a hundred times, and im doing it right now >.<
  10. lolz, ill do what i can ^_^
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