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  1. Wooow!~ Pretty sunset picture.
  2. Yo! I feel bad that your first Visitor Message may or may not be a pointless one. However, I could not help myself to wonder what anime got you so pissed off for not being complete.
    (I know how it feels; DNAngel, Amatsuki, and even D. Gray Man are all mangas that have yet to be finished yet, all for different reasons). Although I do have anime I am watching (Pandora Hearts and Bleach) and manga I am reading (Pandora Hearts and the remains of what has been released for D. Gray Man that I have not been able to bring myself to completing after the double disappointment of DNAngel [was put on pause, continued, then stopped production again] and the disappointing halt to Amatsuki right when the solution to everything was so close at hand!!!)

    *ahem* You mentioned something about ot? Was that the initials? I tried searching google, but...a particular anime did not come up. Would you be so kind as to tell me the anime?

    Please and thank you!
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