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  1. cool moas back, you guys dont like haven and earth anymore? lawl
  2. Hey!

    I did read it! Thanks for your help

    PS: Could you be my 'pro' ingame? :o
  3. You have no clue what I look like and how old I am and yet you write things like that? You should know better, B.
  4. FYI, the dude in my signature is older than me.
  5. It's impressive that you've managed to stay this long :o
  6. So... who are you?
  7. It is indeed yellow. I am an official journalist for OnRPG. You can find my articles on the main site of OnRPG.

    Yellow = Journalist/Video Artist
    Green = Moderator
    Orange = Admin
    Pink = A staff member that resigned
    White = Normal Member
    Red = Banned member

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