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  1. oh duh sorry I see you did join group thanks
  2. In Maestia I have 1 character for each faction I will log in later to get my character names. cool features list did you add it to the group and join
  3. Btw my list a mmo needs to have are: W,A,S,D for movement (jump is cool but not necessary)
    Class/Race Variety (a minimum of warrior, ranger, healer, mage, i love playing healers!) /non gender locked
    open world (Not like Domo, were there is only some paths to go)
    And pvp is cool but without a to OP class. (i know its impossible to have this cause there will always be a op class but i refuse to play a game where a class can one shot everyone)

    Oh and last but least, not to slow paced (like PW of example, allods wasnt really fast paced but i could handle it)
  4. Ey, iam trying it atm. Its a decent game. (gameplay is smooth)
    and nope iam in eu so i dont need any tricks to play it. wich faction are you playing on?
    Oh and btw i like your ''Must have features of a mmo'' Can i add you as a friend?
    i think you can become a mmo partner for me :P
  5. Maestia, I like it so far I'm pretty new yet. I really like how you turn in quest by hitting z and this npc appears to you where ever you are to complete quest. No running back to Egypt to turn one in It is Europe Only if ur NA pm me
  6. Hey i see your playing Maestia, how is the game?
    can you recommend it?
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