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  1. Roll to Dodge has updated again! Please keep posting!
  2. Yay! Another Hot Topic RP I've been in! I'm so happy for Takesh, though. Thank you for making it a Hot Topic. His RP really deserved it.
  3. Sure is! A bit dated, though.

    Keep up the good RPing!
  4. Oh wow!
    Thank you so much, Xenonight2!

    As a side that profile picture the real you? :O
  5. Yoooo...
    I installed AIM, finallyyyy.~
    Um, I just need to learn how it works and I'm good to go.
  6. You're not gonna find a better RP any time soon, sistah
  7. Hmm...I might join. I'm just afraid of being in too many active RPs this close to the school's end.
  8. Check your PMs pleaase

    You're still invited
  9. Of course it does! I'm just saying my visitor's messages don't need to be overflowing when I've got a message from kitty.
  10. Aww, my hello does not matter? D:
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