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  1. Looks like I might been a bit late though, still, was great fun rping with you all^^
  2. Man sorry for not answering, I been on a bit just to check but I always been lousy at finding the visitor messages. And I actually got no idea except for what Takesh recently told me, they deleted the rp section since it had nearly 0 activity, then I guess all of us simply lost our drive for rp and we faded away. Which is a real pity I think.
  3. Hey...

    What happened to the group? Do you know? I mean, I know I was gone for awhile, but...

    I can't believe so much has changed....
  4. Hey Lokuri why in the world haven't I added you to my friend list as of yet?_? Well no matter, problem solved now I hope^^
  5. At least with MSN or hotmail, I wouldn't delay conversing with everyone so long. Sorry for the long wait. Yeah, at least if you post visitor messages, the conversation is right there to refer to, while chats on MSN or hotmail would progress too fast. O.O Sorry for all the messages. Takesh and I are just so chatty.

    Well, I think I gave you awhile of thinking. That, or I took too long, and all your ideas are gone. :O
  6. Well I guess you could always go for msn or hotmail Lokuri But then I miss some of the conversations you hold here in the box which be a pity. Yes sometimes it can be fun to read, but I got to admit I can't keep up with how many messages you write^^

    ..... Ugh I got nothing. Maybe I come up with something tommorow?
  7. I'm lucky that I have a GPS, because without it, I'd be lost (of course, with it, I get lost if I don't know the specific location). Well, when I get lost, I just head back home. Night's the scariest time to get lost, though.

    Yup! But, sadly, this little box won't fit much in it. Thus, Takesh and I end up with so many messages to each other. *sigh* It's been a few days since I replied, and yet I'm more tired than ever, which is a shame, since I'm on spring break. :/
  8. Mm yes, the driving part. I am not looking forward to getting that driving license, I can handle getting to the wrong place with my bike, but while in a car? The thought scares me somehow. Can just imagine me getting totally out of track and ending up in nowhere. Scary thoughts.

    And I am always up for some talk, kind of the purpose of this little box wouldn't you say? Or type, but let's not get nitpicky with all the details. Either how, I got nothing much to say, just replying for the sake of replying. And perhaps kind of losing the subject, one I never had, I feel. Tired you say, and I agree. Time for some shuteye then.
  9. Sorry, Befram. I'm slow with replies. xD Eh, if you like having so few messages, I won't harass you, but the more messages, the more lively your VMs become. So, don't fear the VMs.

    Ah, no problem. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Of course, there is also the saying that nothing is perfect, but meh. :O I have a poor sense of direction as well, which is why I use a GPS whenever I'm driving. But, well, poor memory (such as mine) can be overcome (to an extent) by repetition.

    Again, no problem. Perhaps we can chat about other things in the future as well.
  10. Now now stop the train! Harass my vms?!D: It makes me fear what sort of reply this vm will give me... But whatever may come not answering would just be rude of me so here we go

    Thanks for those advices Lokuri^^ That part about "as if" and especially that part about misusing "ed" "ing" and those present, future, past, whatever the world you call those words that are linked to them. I have never really been good at memorising stuff, horrible at it Might explain my poor geographical knowledge and poor sense of direction

    Anyhow who cares about geography if I need it I get a map, thanks a bunch for the help Lokuri. I watch out for those mistakes in the future
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