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  1. Hey, Sky was talking to me about your concerns, And I hear you. I'm going to make a rule about how long the posts should be, I'm just thinking of how I should do it. I don't want to make it so you have to post a certain amount of sentences, I'm thinking about making it so a certain amount of events, or a size of event, happens. Just a thought. Let me know if you have any ideas!
  2. Hiiiiii!!!

    Yeah, if you make a sequel, I'll join it.
  3. Hey lokuri! Just decided to stop by see how you're doing. I feel so bad about The academy...School just got in the way. I plan on starting a sequel when the summer begins and hope you'll be there!
  4. Hey There Lok! Thanks for doing your best on Keeping my RP alive! I'm back from camping now, so I'll Be at your side too!
  5. You too, Bloinx? Why does no one have any visitor messages. Well, here ya go!
    Oh, by the way, I am sorry to inform you that your RP is gradually dying. I have tried my best to keep it alive, yet the lack of people posting has made it quite bare in posts. Even Kain has seemed to disappear, as well as everyone except for Azzie and myself. When you get back, please post. ^^

    I shall try my best to keep it alive, so long as Azzie stays by my side.
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