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  1. i don't got harveys no more
  2. I had a burger from Harvey's today. It reminded me of you, so I thought I'd drop by to say "Hi".
  3. Anything with Harvey in it is good obviously.
  4. Harveys makes your hamburgers a beautiful thing.
  5. Haha dang, slacking much. When do you finish school?

    I've been done with MS for a while back now haha, just felt like lurking around these forums a bit.
  6. Not so good. I have an exam in approximately 3 hours.
    wtf am I doing on OnRPG?!

    No moar MS?
  7. Good, you?
    How do you do?
  9. nice,
    and nope..
  10. I was a freshman last year. ;x
    and I made the varsity team last year. ;x

    YUS MARCH BREAK. You guys don't get a march break?
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