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  1. ok your right. you win
  2. **** . . . . . . . .
  3. Do NOT tell me to calm down, you KNOW that makes me more Pissed. Jeeze. Goodbye
  4. calm down and i was just waiting for u to answer me before i got off. so bye
  5. *Face plants and sighs* IDIOT, I meant when you get back. Are you stupid or what? Your starting to piss me off now! GAHHH. And I WONT HAVE A ****IN PHONE EITHER, did I or did I not just explin that IT IS NOT WORKING. **** you need to get some damn sleep before I march over to our house and knock some smartness into you.
  6. chick i wont have my fone with me, my dumb ***, ****er mom is taken it
  7. And I meant when you get back, not right now.
  8. I CANT DUMBASS, listen to me. I dont wanna **** with my peice of shit phone. It is useless and wont stay on very long. Its a peice of shit ad I aint gunna answer no texts, Just send a PM to me Via phone. Geeze.
  9. please, my mom is takin my fone when i go to topeka tomorrow at 5pm so i wont be on here till 4pm on sunday.
  10. It is tommorow, and no cuz I dont wanna **** with my useless peice of shit phone untill I get a new one. Preferrably a faken android lol.
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