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  1. just pm me ingame if i'm on and pm me on onrpg when u get it downloaded. I'll help you. Make sure you go Acc, and llok at my sig for my ign's. Sorry for late reply I have school so i usually dont get home till like 3-4.
  2. I kinda want to start up RF, downloading is soo slow though
  3. I was playin rose, but now that RF came out all I am really playin is that and when dragonica comes, i'll be switching on and of between the two.
  4. Nothing really, some freestyle basketball, just playing the old Wii now and then lol. I do have ROSE online installed though.
  5. Same actually I barley go on xfire so that would be kinda pointless lol, what game r u playin now.
  6. Dont usually go on xfire but its "kyoudron"
  7. Thanks that quote deserved it he is a pedo lol
  8. yay, you quoted me!
    My first ever, you rock!
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