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  1. Nothing at all, watching Saw 2, what about you?
  2. yo dude waz up
  3. u are not talking even though i am posting on ur wall...
  4. question how do you join a group?
  5. OWW!!! why does everyone keeping hitting me today?! what is it?! is it hit chulu day?!
  6. plus i get insipration from my brain it's easy for me to come up with the story ideas and it is fun :3
  7. kay ^o^ yay!!! not lonely anymore!!!
  8. Ha, I don't like to tease people, it isn't in my nature. It used to help me with my inspiration for writing as well, but these days I seek inspiration from popular novels and television shows etc.

    If you want me to reply more efficiently, you should reply to my page instead of on your page lol, so that I get a notification telling me that somebody has sent me a message on my visitor wall, thats basically how it works ^^.
  9. Hello! Its always nice to see a new face. Allow me to formally welcome you to Onrpg.


    To answer your question, yes I do love RP'ing, although, I do not watch anime anymore, I used to be an avid fan but I no longer watch them. I guess I grown out of them.
  10. hi... i am new here and i hve a question do u like anime and rp
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