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  1. Hi, I am contacting you in hopes that you haven't forgot about claiming a position as a Blocker in the RP The Specials (based off of the movie PUSH). If all works out, you can fill that spot and only two open spots will remain (one if Leon joins). Please make a Character Sheet! Thanks in advance!
  2. Um, I did make a RP, and it failed miserably. Quite frankly, I am losing hope in this RP site...again.
  3. Meh, you should make a Rp. latley I can't seem to get into any RPs since all the old good players that came here around the same time i did left :C. I feel like you, kain, and me are the only serouis Roleplayers left on the board.
  4. Wow, I guess I am not the only one who decided to come on your visitor messages just to get you to POOOST!

    Outcast has become a two person RP, which is annoying. Why is that annoying, you ask? Because I have to reply every five seconds after Kain posts. :/ With more people, I can delay my posts. I mean, my mom already thinks I am some computer addict (which I am), so I have to have SOME breaks. I already overdid it with doing three RPs and trying to do fandubs -- anyway, I need some spare time to, say, EAT!

    Please post on Outcast.
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