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  1. Goodie!

    Yeah, sure it's okay. I've said this a few times but you don't have to go absolutely the way I've explained the branches. People are different, same goes for vampires . Besides it makes sense that a Fallian has at least someone deep in their dead heart, it makes them look more human which they once were. Keeping "in touch" with your humanity is pretty important when living in a society governed by humans. Sure there are those who detest everyone and live like hermits but that doesn't have to go for every Fallian.
    Generally speaking Fallians are untrusting and dislike grouping up, and from your explanation Ruki seems to fit the bill.

    But yeah, I can take a look at her history and make sure it's okay
  2. Hey, Fara, I have a quick (hopefully) question regarding your RP:

    Now, I am aware that Fallians are completely insensitive to other people. However, is there a possibility that one or two people are revered (other than summonings of the dead)? I'm thinking of Ruki's mother and the boy she would have married as being the only people she carries in her heart, but detests everyone else because she believes they can never get close to her heart without deceiving her.

    So, is that okay? It's kind of a big part of her history, but I can make her completely untrusting of others (aside from her summonings). Of course, one of her summonings has remnants of her mother attached to it, but again, I can make her completely heartless towards others if that is the quality of Fallians.

    If you want, I can PM you Ruki's history.
  3. Alrighty! Just picture that Renshaw just automatically follows Hiro. So feel free to travel the way ya want . Oh oh!! Feel free to control the crew members too .

    Picky with food? Mwah mwah . I wonder how picky he's going to be about their disguises.. . Okay, an athletic build it is. Ha! Just eatin' some pepperoni pizza here
  4. Yeah, there has to be one in every epic storyline, or else that storyline won't be so epic. So yeah, freeze-frame the encounter that will only have meaning when more is revealed later on.
    Well, that's easier on my part. Royalty=lots of money. Richelieu should have plenty of loot to be looted.

    Haha, aw, Hiro's just suffering from malnurishment. The diet of nobles isn't much of a diet, so I expect Hiro's rather picky with food. xD Also, I like to think of it as an athletic build (flexible muscles over hardcore, battle-ridden muscles). Hm, speaking of food, I'm going to go make some. o.o
  5. Ooooh awesome . So it's just like those moments when two people of epic proportions pass by each other and the screen just freezes. Cool..
    Ha! So that's how Renshaw ended up taking Hiro onboard. Well the persuading part is easy . You only need to mention gold and Renshaw will lend a helping hand . Simple man with simple needs.

    Excellent-o!! Hilarity ensued . Yeah there's bound to be some comedy since Renshaw has been the Captain over 20 years and now some skinny, blind dude takes the spot.
  6. Well, Richelieu more or less did one of those slow "pause of a second" encounters, but he didn't know that Renshaw would be a "threat" to him. The person who actually noticed Renshaw was Hiro's sister, Cerelis. I don't know if I mentioned this or not, so I'll mention it now: Cerelis's power (which is like astro projection) doesn't only affect Hiro, but whoever she has some knowledge about (aka she has to at least know how the person looks to "contact" them).

    Now, as to how Renshaw came to allowing Hiro onto his ship. You see, while he was enjoying himself in the company of a large bottle of rum and no one else, Cerelis "projected" herself before him, taking advantage of his intoxication. She then "persuaded" him into allowing Hiro board his ship (how she did the "persuading" is completely up to you ).

    I don't mind if Hiro is handled "roughly". xD I think I'll also make Hiro sea sick. xD Joy, the blind leads the wanted pirates. xD I sense a comedy developing here.
  7. Howdy dowdy!! Listen, I got a few questions for ya regarding Hiro and Renshaw . First off exactly how brief was Richeliu's and Renshaw's confrontation? Did they have an actual talk? Just figured out I should probably know that

    Then regarding mah next post. Mind if Renshaw just grabs Hiro from his shoulder/arm and drags him on deck? I was thinking that by the end of my post the ship would arrive to the port and you could then lead on from there to Cyre (since the plan is that Hiro is leading and Renshaw is behind). It's much easier and faster to move on if only one of us explains the trip to Cyre. Sure I'll explain something about the trip too but it would be so that the two are already in Cyre after your 2nd post. How's that sound? I gotta admit though that it's a fast pace.
  8. Git onliners!!! >:O
  9. Noo, but the sad truth is that he is dressed as a anime GIRL. :o Crossdressing is okay when it's funny like that picture, but sometimes it's just plain scary. Like if someone WAS dressed like that with a serious face (crying doesn't count -- that proves that they were forced to dress that way (:< ).
    He's a guy dressed as a girl, and not just any girl...he's a MAGICAL girl! :O

    Well, light eyes work too (you don't need a blindfold). Riku wasn't blind, silly. He just couldn't trust his eyes (really he just wanted to be the coolest character in KH). :3 You...just spoke French. o.O It be more like "Ciaossu" (ciao - Italian and ossu - Japanese). Oooh, yes! Picture please. Yup!

    OMG! Everything is a LIE. Talk to you later. Gotta go!
  10. Wow, I just thought how much we would be racking up post counts if visitor messages would count .
    Ha! Being confident can only bring good to ya! .

    Phew! Thank god the ribbon wasn't pink . He doesn't look that shabby, and certainly has that innocent look on him!

    Haha! Your characters' names always have meanings to them . Not a bad thing at all, I've just never used it myself.

    Wow.. I just noticed I type in the same rhythm with the music I listen right now . Man this is cool! Too bad the tempo can get really fast at times .

    EDIT! Oh, so there was a guy with a pink ribbon . Man, he sure looks glum. It must be because of that ribbon.. .
    EDIT 2!! Wow.. Cerena's skill is something else .
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