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  1. Fara to the rescue! . Let's see.. Inpa is rushing to the palace right now since he wants to inform everyone about the Inuiks' plot to kill all the dragons (the fire dragon being next). Buuuuut Inpa could go home first to grab some things he thinks he might need. That's the perfect spot for Vice to appear behind his door.

    The two could have a short talk and find out that they are both looking for Balthazar. After that they would go to the palace. How's that?
  2. Fara I need you help for my post in ToA. Vice is going to visit Baltazar's house because she wants him to teach her the earth magic skill thingie of transformation and seeing as he is an earth magic expert and has trained under Nilak it seemed like a plausible choice. However, of course Baltazar isn't there, but what about Inpa? Has he run home or has he gone somewhere else? For if he has come home somewhere in the night it would be obvious that he would open the door, but otherwise Vice will be left standing on the doorstep.

    I was thinking however that if Vice and Inpa could meet, the two of them could have a common thing: to find Baltazar. i mean Inpa would also like to find where the guy is not?
  3. Mwah mwah, thank ye . Glad you liked it, it was about time to bring some action to Kaori's life!

    Aw shoot! I'll fix that right away. Good you told me, somehow it was burned into my mind that Ser was the singer

    Haha! Aw man, can't wait for the confrontation .
  4. Fara, that post was brilliant! Hear me BRILLIANT! Really I was reading it at a friends place and I had to laugh so hard, he looked like: wtf?! o.O. It was really funny.

    Anyway you made one tiny little minicule mistake namely; Ser isn't the band singer. He plays the cider and occasionally sings, but most of the time it is Mikai who sings or Kaori.

    But man you sure managed to scare the crap out of Kaori, but I'll be sure to come after you.
  5. That's exactly what'll make this fight interesting . Ser being a dwarf I mean. I'm nearly finished with it, I'll probably be able to post it today.
  6. Yeah I really made the hat myself. It wasn't that hard. I just followed some video I found on youtube and it turned out to be pretty simple really.

    Suuure permission granted I'm already looking forward to it. Seems like something both Renshaw and Ser would do. Just remember Ser is a dwarf
  7. HEEEY! Came to ask your permission on somethin' here . I was plannin' on Renshaw busting through the crowd and jumpin' on the stage where the band plays in order to meet Kaori. Mind if Ser and Renshaw have a slight brawl there? The brawl would end with half the bar destroyed and Renshaw thrown out of the tavern .
  8. Awesome! Thanks for showin' the pic . Love the hat! You really made it yourself? Hell, I'd wear that myself on a regular basis! Well, at least if someone dared me to do it
    Finally we're gettin' these RPs goin' again!
  9. Hah . Seriously those "tales" about polarbears are only the tip of the iceberg. Once I heard that the Canadians use seals instead of cars.. They would surf on the ice on top of a seal and steering it.. somehow, can't remember how anymore. I was going "Wtf?" on every damn word . Mad Hatter? Cool! I liked that guy the best from Alice in Wonderland.
  10. Yeah, all our earlier characters will be there and you can control them. I just figured that council members shouldn't be the ones who do the dirty work, rather their servants should be the ones to do that. Y'know, Bell and if someone else wants, could have their council spots revoked for some reason. That way you could RP as your old character .

    Buuut everyone wants to see the council members fight since they are the best. So! I was thinking that at some point, while the servants are searching for Dracula (Plot!), the HQ would be attacked and that's when everyone could RP as their previous characters again. That'd be nostalgic .

    Yeah, I learned my lesson last time. A story makes half of the whole damn RP, so this time around I'll focus on creating some kinda story. Don't expect something as epic as Anglo or Takesh have cooked up though .
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