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  1. I see. I hope not (wait, define "mature"). O.O I have pink shirts! >:O Though I don't really like pink. xD I prefer blue! (And recently, purple...)

    III - I'm totally not following the rules when I post (I just post where the word limit cut me off). xD

    Nice, forcing a German biology teacher to teach German. xD Aw, I want German desserts. Meanie! >:o (Joke)

    For a second there, I almost believed you (but I thought I saw "comic" book ). I just watched it because when I first saw the main character on the manga while I was browsing for manga, I thought he looked cool (isn't that every girl's excuse to read/watch an anime/manga they know nothing about?). But for some reason, it was interesting. o.o The op music helped too! xD .hack//Sign isn't a board game, but meh (actually, the idea of being trapped in a game doesn't sound boring at all!). T_T Now I want to rewatch .hack//Sign, but I "swore" I wouldn't return to the .hack "world" after my PS2 "died" on me. :/
  2. Ah, sorry to break it to you, but while I FEEL motivated to do something, it hardly matches with whether I WANT to do something. xD That's why it's taking me so long to post on ED (I feel like posting, but I can't post until I know what I want to post, you know?). Yeah, the other contracts caused a "craving," whereas Hei just ate whenever he felt like it. Meanwhile, Misaki seemed to have a big appetite as well. Yeah, especially Yin. I couldn't even watch the end of HP. xD Read faster! >:o (Joke!)

    II - Dude, you're killing me! I have 8 VMs now! (Though I blame Takesh xD)

    A job is a job. From 4 hours to 2 hours to...0? :O

    Anglo's always busy now, though he participated (along with everyone else but Gecko) in the group song game. Nah, but I will have to retake the written test if I don't get a license in September (and don't find that permit in order to practice!). :O No drunken parents? Lucky!
  3. III (Lol, part III, psh )

    Yeah, German is fun, but my teacher isn't a very good teacher. It's understandable though since she's a Biology teacher that just happens to be German, and can teach the language. It's great food, especially the desserts! If I have the chance I will. I know, I was just giving you a hard time.

    Not always, I tend to multi-task and read a book WHILE using the internet! (Bad lier makes bad lies ) I know right? They drag everything out, especially in Naruto(I don't know how many episodes are devoted to a single fight). I've never watched it, or read it, the idea of playing a board game isn't really appealing. Then again, I sat through .hack//Sign, and ended up loving it so, you never know.
  4. II (I think I might extend it again, just for the hell of it, lol, and my post is actually fairly long)

    Oh psh, too kind. I did beat you on the job though , even though it's not really a fill-out-an-application sort of job. Not at all, but in my opinion it's better, because of the fact I choose my own hours (Yesterday I worked around 4, today I worked around 2), and it usually is fairly easy work.

    I think it's probably just a busy life, especially with his brother's wedding (thought it was his brother). Oh, I'm sorry, do you have to re-take the test then? Lol, it would work, if said parent(s) drank. O.O

    Same here, my sister shares it with me sometimes though. Oh really? What's the job? It must be something for mature kids only then, IF being 18 means you're mature! Takesh has a pink bike?! Cool! It must be strange for two couple a' guys have more pink stuff then you. xP, lol, just kidding!
  5. Lol, I'm good at that (Future career as a motivational speaker, right here). Yeah, I kind of could tell a little bit into it that something wasnt right. They tried to make it seem like he ate large amounts of food for his contract, but I noticed like two or three episodes in that it wasn't, mainly because he didn't eat like that after his contract. Speaking of emotions, I love how the dolls and contractors began becoming more and more like humans towards the end. It's exactly like Harry Potter! Though I wasn't as depressed at the end of DTB than I was at the end of HP. I kind of got that feeling, mainly because being the curious cat I am, I looked up the plot. Oh, I will, I'm on chapter 15 (I think).
  6. II/II - Shortened it. o.o

    We have only one laptop, but my mom rarely touches it (mine!). Cool! I'm thinking of filling out an application my mom just got me for 18 year olds and up. *sweatdrop* Oh, the pressure... ! Haha! Takesh with his pink bike and now you with your sister's pink iPod. x)

    Do you like taking German class? :O Good food, or bad? O.O You should at least youtube the music. Haha! xD I was telling you why I watch it, is all.

    Shouldn't you read a book when not near a computer? xD Yeah, I hate filler-arcs, especially when it's tiring enough to watch anime that extends how long it would take to read the manga (anime is so slow!). Yeah, I think only Hikaru no Go was one of the few anime I prefered over the manga.
  7. I/II

    Your enthusiasm is making me want to watch Darker Than Black all over again. xD Yeah, I guess, but you kind of knew something was "strange" about Hei, like the fact that he had EMOTIONS! :O Ah, yeah, it was like they were dying just for the heck of it, kind of like in Harry Potter. But don't worry. Somehow or another, they come back (...I think). :/ I don't think the relationship will go anywhere, even in season 2 (though he does have the kids; all he needs is the "mother"). Yay, read the manga and catch up with Takesh and I!

    You're doing better than me with the job, life, and friends. o.o

    Who knows? :O But he's not as chatty as before. :/ I lost my permit. O.O Or you drive said parent or guardian to a liquor store or something. xD
  8. Part III (I made a part 3 section , are conversation is expanding, woot!)

    I only really buy Naruto manga, and only because I like reading it when I'm not near a computer. I started watching the show back during the Chunin Exams, when they first started airing on tv. I got so into it that I started getting the manga, and so on. To be honest, I haven't watched the show lately, in the case of Naruto, I got soo bored with filler-arcs and what not that I stick to just the manga now. Plus, it always seems to mean more when you read it. I don't know how to explain it, but I just get more into the manga chapter/comic itself, not so much the show.
  9. Part II (Roman numerals make everything more serious )

    You share a computer? I use my laptop for everything so no one really messes with it other than me . True, but that's not too bad, depending on where you send an applicaton to that is. As of now though, I have something thats kind of like a job, . I'm hired help for my dad's friend, I actually just got done working my first day an hour or so before I'm typing this . Oh, well either that, or I could steal my sisters pretty pink Ipod .

    Oh, understandable. I'm in German club cause I'm taking the German Language class, even though the food is terrific . It's a good idea, bringing music together that is. But being a guy and all, I never gave the show, or idea of a Glee club much of a chance, along with never being exposed to it at my school. Oh, cute boys? Lolol, I'm in a happy relationship with my girlfriend, so I'd never need to meet cute girls, or guys. O.O, not that I'd be looking for cute guys or anything, lol.
  10. I really enjoyed Darker Than Black, it was AWESOME! The ending was a little unexpected, especially with all of the important character deaths T-T. It was great, but a little sad as well. I really thought that would happen too, or that their relationship would grow more than it did (they barely had any alone time, lol). I've noticed that in DW (I started the manga just yesterday), even if it has it or not it's still a really entertaining manga, .

    EXACTLY! That's why I have no job, or life, or. . . friends. T-T Lol

    Lol, maybe it's a bit of both? O.O Oh, understandable, I'm just getting ready to get my permit . Ah, seems like that could get annoying after awhile, especially if you need a parent or guardian with you to drive.
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