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  1. YES im still around!!!!!! Why aren't you????? lol anyway, i haven't been on. school, people, friends. ya know.
  2. You still around?
  3. *throws a book at your head* TK! . . . get back on this goddamned site!!!!!!!!!!!. . . . we. .. we NEED you. . .. *sniffle* please!
  4. o.o whattttt
  5. "arrogance" is what that was called, and kill me if u wish then. . . you wont succeed.
  6. You shall bow to me or die o.o
  7. No, you are a wanna-be king. . . you are no king to me! *slaps you for your arrogance*
  8. I am not your "master" i am your king! xD haha you can't do anything to me xD
  9. HAHA. Your kidding me right!? You were my new buddy/wanna be master and then you left!!! You really think I'm going to let you get away with that?! Well let me tell you something Mister. . . .. You Are Wrong
  10. Nothing! is what you are going to throw at me o.o
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