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  1. but..but >.>
    There's a lot of ways to play with food without...being a waste .showstongue.
  2. don't play with food, naughty noughty
  3. pfft
    Here let me bake some cookies and a cake for ya....hope you enjoy rats poison as frosting <.<
  4. i ate em, i wont spit em, i wont puke em, i'll eat more, you won't eat any, so i will winzor
  5. You can go "bunshin no jutsuing" all you want

    I know the deadly art of tickles, those cookies are mine!
  6. bring it on, i already ate everything in the world so they're baking some and im leik totally bunshin no jutsuing right in front of teh cookie place =O
  7. Hey, hey
    or....I'll bite and THEN shank the sweet stuff.
  8. itsu swo g0000000000000000000000000d =D NO YOU CANT HAVE IT LOL!~
  9. Can I have that?
    .shanks donutlikethingie. why thank you *licks fingertips*.
  10. fudge strips, i miss them alot rofl

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