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  1. Ayepp I do. And wouldn't you happen to check out on my new, epic story? WoW based ofc, It's on Fan Fiction - Rise of a Hero :P
  2. hey do you have an msn?
  3. Heheee... Right. Understandeable.
  4. I don't want to go away and i get busy sometimes
  5. Why don't you just stay here, or simply go away. :<
  6. Hai Aero. Long time was it? And which was your website again? :o
  7. only some, I've seen RPs who have lasted for a few weeks... they don't usually finish though
  8. Nevermind, all RP's dies within seconds here - i guess i'll take a break.
    Hail WoW RP.
  9. your RP here? I think I might RP here a little just to be in a relaxed RP enviroment... that and to use all my cool chara pics that I have and never get to use!
    it is pretty cool, but a lot of work... I don't even have time to do it all myself which is why there's another admin whose good at coding and a mod who helps us too
  10. No, i meant my RP, haha ...
    I wish i had, one website! that'd be cool.
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