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  1. A solid 12 hour+ drive Its alright, I knew in the beginning she was gonna be leaving. I can deal with it. >_<
  2. That sucks man, is she far away from you?
  3. Ooh well thats good. I guess this girl was my "girlfriend" for a while there. We did bf/gf stuff, and she told people we were dating, but we never really agreed.

    At least yours is back haha, mine won't return until next year, and I'm certainly not waiting around for her :P >_<
  4. My girlfriend, she's back now, but she was gone to family for a day, and we talked A LOT, I've known her for 4 weeks now and were always around each other and talk very long when we're not.
  5. Ah, this girly I've been spending a lot of time with. Pretty much for the last few weeks. Got pretty close, you know. She only spends half the summer here. I've known her my whole life but we had a lot of fun together this year :c

    How about you man?
  6. Sorry for the late reply!

    Who are you missing??
    And yeah the feeling is so shit, I can't even describe..
  7. "****, I was already missing someone and feeling like shit, and now I feel even shittier :/."

    Me too bro :C I feel ya mang. Feel free to bro talk with me if you need to.
  8. Hax yer way in
  9. You can still play it, I'm from Europe :/.
  10. Yeah, I wish I could play GMS too. But what do you know, the new server I picked is ****ing broken all day today. RAAGEEEEEEEEEEEE.
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