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  1. related, more cheerful, news: from Don Anderson's (Agalloch's rhythm guitarist) facebook page: "I am ecstatic to announce that I'll be guesting on the next Sol Invictus album! Thanks to Tony Wakeford for the invite!"
  2. It's getting a bit expensive...
  3. I might get the "The God Of Man Is A Failure" hoodie. everything else, go nuts. :]
  4. Are you planning on trying to get it? If not, I'll be watching the auction for the days to come. Thanks for the heads up!
  5. yup. thanks!
  6. Did you get yr invite?
  7. gonna be great
  8. ... I was just thinking "you know what would be awesome. if I could see melt banana live, soon." thanks for telling me!
  9. hey bro you goin to see dat melt-banana in toronto?
  10. ...damn it
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