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  1. so hows life Tray?
  2. I've seen people discussing about 4chan I was like "wow!!!!!" I can't believe they are talking about something as that and not MMORPGs. I don't know what happen, A lot o the strong true mmo bringers *cough*including me*cough* Just left I still see a few vet's but IDK doesn't seem the same. Like I said, I only troll a bit and see what's up. I still be finding out about mmorpgs but doesn't seem like the community would too much care. So blah humbug.
  3. survived? off the bans? well.. I went inactive abit.. and well.. I hate onrpg really its anoying.. its like 4chan now
  4. Good to see you survived man. Was a bit worried for ya.
  5. WOOOOOOOOOT! TRAYDAAAAAY.. yeah im still around sometimes when im bored.. How are you dude? I still survived the bans.. yet
  6. Can't believe your still around lol. Gosh.
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