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  1. Aw. Well, some people love it and others hate it. Um, as for if she was good at it or not, well...she didn't get the basics of RPing at first, but she eventually became a good RPer. I mean, she wasn't an expert at it, but she wasn't terrible either.
  2. She decided that rping was "not for her" hahahaha the funny thing was, when Ben introduced it to me, i started talking to her about it, and she was like yeah i rped for quite awhile but justtt stopped because blah blah blah, hahaha i was pretty pissed at that was she any good?
  3. I think the poll will disappear in a couple of days anyway, but...well, whatever floats your boat (gah, wait -- that sounds corny for some reason ). Yeah, I remember reading that snowgirl1235 is/was Ben's neighbor and friend, but I didn't know she knew you. I added her when I was in The Academy RP. :o We both loved Final Fantasy and anime. xD

    Whatever happened to her? :o
  4. wow, that is very very meaningful (non-sarcastic) the money would be things we find along the way, as well as gold coins, im going to update this, and we shall hopefully gain more momentum in the forum, the friend i was talking about was/is snowgirl1235, shes me and Bens friend... never knew that you added her... hmmm ok so im updating it, and going to see if i can remove the poll (if i cant i will ask an admin to do it for me thnks a tonnn)
  5. Wait, I'm sorry, but I didn't understand what you meant by "wow cant believe you have one of the friends you do". ^-^;

    I voted and added an explanation to what I think we should do.

    Oh, I have a question! :o
    What kind of currency (money) do we have in the RP? Dollars? Gold coins? Jewels? Gems? Nuggets? Gil? (Joke)

    I'm just curious because it would be nice to also trade items we find along the way for money (I don't think we are that rich and we can't pull money out of thin air; it would also be rude to fight everyone for what we want...). This isn't Final Fantasy, so we are going to have to actually make and find money; there could be parts of creatures that traders desire to make certain goods (weapons, clothing, etc.) with, though.

    Think about it a bit.
  6. hahahaha yup yup... wow cant believe you have one of the friends you do niuceee (i put the "u" there on purpose :P ) but anyways hahaha you want to vote on that, because i need to know in what direction were heading (both figuratively and literally hahaha.)
  7. Your welcome.
    :o I know, right?
    I'm just that loved.
    (Of course, I don't recall ever inviting someone as a friend; they all invited me... o.o ...Then again, I...still don't know how. xD )

    I do like the rep you gave me.
  8. hahahahaha thanks and omggg you have a tonnn of friends... smooth hope you like the rep i gave you :P
  9. Oh wait...nevermind. xD Forget my last couple of comments. I didn't see your friend list until now. xD

    Wow, you have three friends. wait, it can't be the three musketeers if there are four-- no, wait! There were four musketeers, but the main character wasn't included in the three musketeers. Ha! If you think of it as the actual story, then Takesh, Bloinx and I can be the three musketeers and you can be D'Artagnan.

    Well, it only applies to you, since I have too many friends for it to be like the three musketeers...that makes you special!
  10. You must feel proud to have your topic as a Hot Topic.
    (Get it? Proud? We call you Pride? Heheh...heh...>_> )

    Why is this message board so empty?!

    Do you need more friends?!

    Is Takesh your friend?~ :o

    If not, that Takesh should get a friend request too!~

    Share the love. Pass it on.
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