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  1. Had an Alert run with a guy that used Light and it looked fun, but I'm really itching for a Lightning Hero, lol. I mean, it's freaking lightning!
  2. Light is fun though, especially the chainsaw!
  3. I heard it was being released soon, so hopefully you won't have to wait long
  4. Ah thanks though, I guess I will just wait a bit for the new DLC.
  5. Good question, I myself just bought the Light DLC pack, but i'm not sure if it applies to just buying the station cash. I got this from the website, not sure if it's going to be that helpful though.

    Premium Access will be granted to any player that spends at least U.S. $5.00 (or the foreign equivalent) or 500 Station Cash on items in the DCUO in-game marketplace, or that purchases a DCUO DLC Pack. Premium Access does not expire.
  6. Hey olaph, in DCUO, to get the premium account do you need to CHARGE $5 or actually spend them? Because I want the DLC with the Electricity Power but at the same time I want a Premium Account already.
  7. Most of us are, it helps when your partner is a ******
  8. All your sex talk makes me think Australians are sex beasts. Are they? ARE THEY?
  9. Don't take the Lounge so srsly.
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