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  1. ahah i feel you, instead of forums, i'm arguing with like 20 people on the youtube comments, its ridiculous how ignorant people are, and not be able to think in different POV. after my last argument on the lounge, i think i'm better off in the other sections lol. anyways keep it real son
  2. ohhh nancy, beef again
  3. what you study at uni? LOL
  4. LOL why you lying son, you 28, probably married, living in a cottage house, housewife, have 2 kids name dicky, and nancy jr LOL, but for real, i cant wait to graduate :S
  5. anyways, later mate
    gonna sleep
  6. i'm guessin u 28 :P
    bet u gonna have like 20 kids , and be playing gunz and not giving a shit about them LOL
  7. how many kids you have? :P
  8. your so old , married yet? LOLLL
  9. mann, so bored got nothin to do, plus school is coming up in a couple weeks, ugh what a waste of a summer. you got school soon?
  10. well got the thread lock, shit is going down. have you played trickster online b4?
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