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  1. ohhh TK. . .. rnt you nice -.-
  2. shush up!!!!!! *throws book at your head*
  3. lol, u need to post more!!!!! hahaha =P
  4. hmmmmm idk how i feel about that lol(: but what ever
  5. hey lol =), I just put my first post in BloodHounds so exsited =D ohh and I got a friend of my to join the site hehehe.
  6. Heyyyyy!!!!
  7. lol ikr! but this time i have to go to school!!!! i dont wanna . . . .
  8. hahaha well ummmm you still couldn't cuz ummmm ok I can't think of anything lol =(, cant wait to see you again =)
  9. see but im going to australia in like. . . ummmmm 6 months!!!!!!!!
  10. i'm on =P, and u couldn't kick my *** if u wanted to your way to far away lol
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