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  1. oh bah! I was wondering if you had been on and i didn't think to check your profile.

    I adapted a new name since i took up writing. Soon as i get the damn game downloaded again i'll send you an invite.

    Name's Jikail
  2. oh! same here. I played poxnora for a bit but one of my friends got me a closed beta invite for LoL

    Whats your name on there? i'll add you
  3. Yes I know the feeling, I've been playing League of Legends mostly.
  4. after WoW i couldn't really do anymore mmo's so i went to pure PvP games.
    couldn't get into general chat :[ so i check every so often now.
  5. Where have you been? I thought you might have been abducted by Christians or something.
  6. hello =D

    s'been awhile
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