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  1. Last Activity: Yesterday 06:16 PM

    Bang zac
  2. Yeh. i was attempting to do a little question thing for an art site that i'm a part of.

    Youtube axed the length though. I still gotta do it, so it'll pop up again. sorry in advance 3:
  3. well it w2s weird that you had random video about something more about a blog or something
  4. ah kay...

    was quite odd.
  5. Yeah that was me.
  6. Falkner says:
    hey noob stop posting youtube videos omg
    Jikailia says:
    Falkner says:
    blazingwolf = you?
    Jikailia says:
    on here?
    Falkner says:
    no youtube omg
    Jikailia says:
    i posted one cause i was trying to do a voice meme for an art site i'm on
    Jikailia said (6:15 PM):
    thats it?

    your msn get hacked?
  7. uhhh.. wat
  8. also... i just saw you, what was with the whole youtube thing o.O
  9. -hugpounce=

    i dont' see youuu on msn anymoarrrr 3:
  10. hey thar wolfy
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