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  1. Who wouldn' like your RP's?! There usually have like NOODLES of creativity. If that has any meaning... ?
  2. I have school issues as well. In fact, most of them are going to be put on hold till tomorrow ( to do when you're a Senior xD).
    I'll check out that new RP you made, since Bloinx sounds so excited about it beneath me; since its you, I'll conquer my desire to avoid anything that has "plague" in the title (ever since lessons on the Black Plague, I...haven't been the same since ).
  3. Well... you know... school... and I got WoW. It's pretty fun. :]
  4. Hello. :o
    Wow, what have you been up to?
  5. Haven't seen you in a while... heh. .-.
  6. I shall try to get to your RP as soon as possible, but I warn you, I do not feel like reading a ton of pages after coming back and reading all the posts I missed in the week I was gone (away from the computer xD). So, after I post an epic post for Niola, I shall try to post on your RP as well (if I do not get distracted).
  7. Heeeeyyyy.... :T What's up?
    I was just wondering if yew wanted tew join my RP. Reply to meh on my page if ou do. :] I really like RPing with you because your characters are always so energetic. Right now I think The Academy is slightly slowling down and possibly dying. x_x?!
  8. Oh, by the way, I was thinking about doing that idea I had for a book as a RP. It is somewhat dark and may contain (alright, it WILL contain) lots of blood, which isn't the kind of book I want my mom reading. xD So, I decided I will make this idea into a RP and make another idea I have into a book (I'll PM you the details).
  9. If it is about you making a character to help in keeping the RP alive, then cool, thanks. I am really thinking about leading Azzeriah and Niola to where Ben, Tara, Jack, and NPC girl (Latona) are, since Cyr and Nel aren't responding. :/
  10. Hey, I noticed your post on Ben's profile and you mentioned that you and Azzie are pretty much the only two people posting... If you haven't read my latest post on The Academy, then read it please.
    And if you have, then maybe you could answer. Just asking... Anyway, Vas ahp? O.o ((Bruno's version of what's up x]))
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