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  1. I would post longer but im running out of ideas to post, plus i was in a rush that time =/ time ill post more
  2. I would post longer but im running out of ideas to post, plus i was in a rush that time =/
  3. Hey you know your fantasy RP? I really want to start a summary and get it started but I am having a really hard time doing it :P It's like the only way I could see the thing getting picked up if I try and do something a little extreme to meet the other characters here and there. I do not like doing that but I do it so the rp can start and try to stay alive. Like I said, I really want to see this one work out but no one is starting. I would like to, but do not want to go over board. My character is somewhat extreme and what I have planned for him is going to be extreme. Lets hope your newest rp can get stickied!
  4. hey im looking for a small break from all the zombie and horror rps, i will still do the Asylum, but want something different for the time being. Got any in mind?
  5. All right, just tell me a concept in Private Message and I'll draw a few sketches. Seriously, you can go as far as you want when telling me what to draw!
  6. I had a feeling you were a good artist :3 I have some ideas of monsters too :O and teamwork always wins!
  7. Hmmm.... maybe. I could draw sketches of the creatures if you want! I draw amazing, trust me. P: We could both work on it together!
  8. Hey pumpkin is savi here, I am thinking of starting a survival horror rp that doesnt involve zombies, but more on the lines of human-like beings. It will be an underground asylum that was forgotten. Now a group of specialist are investigating it to why strange things have happened there. Do you think it might have a chance?
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