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  1. After 3.5 hours of using my phone to write it, I haven best RP yet in my opinion up, check it out, join. The Matrix: Flight of the Genesis
  2. Don't forget to post a sheet to Andromeda Strain
  3. My Naruto RP started!
  4. Hey, I made my CS for your RP the Enemy, it looks really cool, when will we start?
  5. Hey, check out my new RP, if you like it, plz join, and tell other people.
  6. Actually just because it's confusing we are going to be switching on and off between. But when ever I make a char sheet or thread I will use my account, and vise verse. So when ever their is a post from either me or Screen go on whose character it is and not who is posting.
  7. Hey, are you going to keep doing the hecate halls or the illusionists on this profile or are you going to use screens?
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