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  1. Ooooh he will! He's been working on it. After all his writing skills have improved quite a bit since he first posted the Zombie RPs X3 haha
  2. winning! i'm jelly. I've been crazy busy. I graduated high school, got three jobs, just quit one, got a puppy, wasn't there to take care of my brother when he had surgery on his tailbone, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand broke up with my girlfriend. lol all in the past month and a half. WHOOP! busy few weeks. I'm really sad that the zombie rpg's ended. :[[ he better start them again.
  3. not much babe, just kicking *** and taking names ;3
  4. LOOOOOOONG time no talk, girl! How are you?
  6. Yeah It was so awesome. Also there was this really cute African guy ;P But like I said Im still single... Ah well I'm very glad to be home!
  7. Wow! That's really impressive.. I was thinking about going on a mission trip to the Republic of Georgia in a few summers. I feel like it would be a good experience. Did you guys have a good time? Well, you say you loved it so I imagine so.
  8. Giana, It was awesome! We made a school, taught kids English, and planted crops!
  9. Africa? No way!! That's so awesome. Where?
  10. Good and single! Haha I just got home from Africa and I loved it!
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