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  1. i saw! lol it made my day(: :3 #happy girl
  2. Speak of the devil he is back! :3 And TK! Screen was just reminiscing about bake in the Space RP he and TK's characters had a back and forth X3 haha it was cute seeing him go back and read his post from when he first joined this site X3
  3. far too long :P but now we just need jar and TK and the gang will be all back(: ohh with a new member(: one of mine and bloody's bestfriends just joined :3
  4. haha that it has, that it has X3
  5. heyy! long time no talk
  7. lol and so am i. . .for now. so much stuff going on. . . . gah
  8. What's up? I'm back, that's what's up!
  9. Hey Foxy!!! long time no talk . . . like 2 weeks. . . so whats up
  10. Ahhhhh fish and chips! I would miss it but my mum makes the BESTEST breaded cat fish EVER! It is soooooooooo yummy!
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