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  1. Hmm.. I dunno man, you might be able to make a case with that. In my opinion, just head towards your local hospital/doctor and lay that scenario down. I'm sure they'll see eye-to-eye with you!

    I personally can't see any harm coming from such a grand idea! :P
  2. At work, my cousin and I get mighty hungry and then we have our lunch break. Sometimes a nap just sounds perfect.

    I was curious if we could hook up some IVs with tasty goodness inside and then catch Zs. :P
  3. Uhh.. may I ask why you're interested? lol

    And no, I'm pretty sure that you can't just go out and buy that stuff for commercial purposes. :P
  4. Yo, being medical and all that jazz, you might know:

    You know about parenteral nutrition, right? Do you know if it's possible to get that kind of stuff commercially?
  5. The Daniel Radcliffe? You called JD, NOW USE HIM.

    Else I will use him and have MotBL use a Turk avatar...
  6. You needz to become JD!!!

  7. Cloud to friends gift #2! WITH PERSONALIZED MESSAGES!!!

    If by my life or death, I can love you, I will.

  8. It turns out I lied. I'm back from downstairs, but rather than returning to mine comp, I've collapsed onto my bed from tiredness. So now I'm just informing you of this before I tumble into slumber.
  9. You're alive!

    But MotBl died!
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