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  1. Happy Birthday.
  2. Quit sexing and play LaTale. -.-
  3. I don't know really! I'll have to consider it! I'm busy with "Other things" these days. =x
  4. I don't know about you sometimes, Cingy :P hah
    Still up for some LaTale?
    I've got a friend of mine IRL joining me as well.
    Party ftw?
  5. Eh. Not too fond of using it, it's a bit intrusive. =x
  6. -cough Hotspot Shield -cough-
  7. Dungeon Fighter will be IP blocked for me, as Nexon is racist. =x
  8. OB **
  9. Oh well.
    The english CB for Dungeon Fighter Online comes out soon, so that's something to look forward to.

    Just upgraded my PC a few days ago and I'm happy I can actually run games on anything but low now
  10. For a bit, I just really can't get into it.
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