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  1. Hiya! It's been years! Although it's been also a year since you last visited this place (bet it has been longer for me). Oh well, anyway thought I'd come and say hello. Maybe you'll log in one day and respond ^^. How's life been treating you? For me it has been rough. I ended up dropping out of university. After several years of trying, I just couldn't force myself to do something I didn't really enjoy. So now I'm just doing odd jobs and living my life, without a real destination. It's surprisingly comforting but at the same time there's that nagging feeling in the back of my head which is urging me to get back to studying. Maybe one day. I think I'll stop here for now.
  2. Oh yeah, speaking of what Andrim would do I remembered what I sort of considered the end plan for him, or at least an option at some point, since I had no idea what kind of crazy scheme you were planning Takesh.

    I figured that Kinos would survive at the end, and maybe the group would go to meet them (since ya know, dragon slaying requires explanations) and maybe then Andrim would decide to kill him there and there, moon metal or not, since he was slightly unstable when it came to his anger management in the revenge department. Then I figured he could fusion himself into the tower, his special power already let himself fuse in small parts of himself, so why not all of him in the end when he mastered earth completely?

    Truth be told I just wanted to end up as a slightly cursed, sentient tower in the end.
  3. Yeah, in the end Xarxes wasn't really a bad guy. He was ruthless and corrupted by the Abyss but his goal never changed. It makes sense that the other dragons sealed him off because he was after their Soul Crystals, the power that kept them alive and strong. I suppose that's what Andrim would've done. You never know since it's just like you said, nothing goes as planned when it comes to RPing ^^.
  4. "gasp" how could you forget Andrim? I'm joking of course, had forgotten all the names as well. And yeah a real pity we didn't get there, a lot of fighting there at the end I got to say:P So Xalrek (big bad dragon) was basically just trying to reform himself all this time, if I got it right? And I imagine Andrim would have joined in against Reed at the end, with Kinrais father dead he had really just lost a major goal, and I believe some sort of comraderie must have grown from all the characters running around, risking life and limb. Pity though that he would never have gotten the chance to use those moon metal items he'd forged, but that's what rp is, nothing goes as planned.
  5. Netherworld would become something different, something completely new, that was Dora'lek's promise to the heroes. Amn was of course in chaos because all the leaders and the dragons were dead. That's however as far as I had imagined Amn would go. Perhaps another part could entail what became of Amn afterwards. But yeah, that's about it ^^. Much has changed since I first started creating Amn but I don't think it's really a bad change. Shame that we never got to the end to be honest ^^.
  6. The wraith consumed Reed's ghost that was trying to possess the next hero in line and manifested into a real being: Inraik. Inraik took the form of Reed but there was nothing more left of Reed. The heroes were forced to fight Inraik but they eventually defeated him. After that, Xerxes who had only been observing the situation finally made his move. He absorbed the soul crystals of the other dragons and transformed into the original being that created Amn: Dora'lek, one of the Sentinels. Sentinels are beings that have taken all the elements, something that no normal being can do without being destroyed in the process. Dora'lek is not hostile or an enemy though, instead he is grateful that he has returned to his real self: A silver dragon with four tails, one for each element. He is also enormous, far exceeding the size of the other dragons. Dora'lek sent the heroes back to Amn and sealed off Netherworld for good.
  7. Every bead Reed made was another life for him. If all the beads are destroyed, so was Reed. The finale forced Reed to use all his beads (meaning multiple Reeds to fight against). But in the end the combined forces of Nilak, Terra, Balthazar, Falteer, Kinrai and all you guys characters (with your character being a question mark since it wasn't clear whether you'd end up as a villain or as a good guy ^^). A lot of great warriors to take down one guy, don't you think? ^^. Reed also managed to kill Balthazar and Falteer, and fatally injure Terra. As a last ditch effort Reed possessed Nilak and forced him to fight Kinrai. Kinrai defeated the possessed Nilak only to be possessed himself by Reed. This was the moment when the others had to fight Kinrai. The fight ended in Kinrai's defeat and that's when Reed was about to possess yet another however something intervened, and that was Kinrai's wrath (the wraith inside him).
  8. Nilak thought that Terra was trapped inside Netherworld and he was correct. In Netherworld there exists no time so Terra was his same old self there. Xarxes was also there and the two had been fighting for 50 years. After all the dragons were slain, the barrier to the Netherworld opened and the heroes of the story entered, pursuing Nilak, Balthazar and Falteer. Reed on the other hand had been assassinating all the world's rulers while the heroes were making their journey. And I literally mean all of them, including Kinrai's father. These news never arrived to the heroes though, it was revealed to them during the finale against Reed in the Netherworld. So yes, this means that Reed followed the heroes into the Netherworld. He was going to kill all of them but he failed. His immortality wasn't quite perfect. The beads he pretty much gave to everyone were the key(your character also had one, sorry I forgot his name. Couldn't even remember Kinrai's father's name ^^).
  9. 5-6 years? Oh boy, still a long way to go ^^. Well to be honest studying like this has been the best time of my life. It abhors me what awaits once I'm done. Some dull job, loads of money but never a chance to use them.. etc. I always played around with the idea how Amn would end. At first I made it so that the evil at the end would be Kinrai's father, Kinos. Not that he was evil, but his methods of catching and exterminating Tainted became far too extreme. But then I figured he shouldn't be the main bad guy, that was clearly Reed's job when I first came up with him ^^. Instead Kinos was only a minor evil, though he himself thought of the opposite. Kinos struck a deal with Nilak about the dragons and how he would have to kill all of them. It was all so that they could get inside Netherworld. Nilak of course had his own reason, it was Terra, the insanely strong human warrior he fought a long time ago.
  10. Yikes, and here I still am, probably stuck for another 5-6 years of studying, unless my memory is completely falling apart. Anyhow, I probably asked this before but did you know how Amn would end? Just the general idea of it I mean, can be a bit difficult to be exact when there's a bunch of other people throwing their characters in.

    Still, I just hate the idea of a story unfinished so hence the question^^.
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