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  1. I'm flattered and turned on.
  2. Norrin! You're so sexy that when I look at women in bikinis I automatically picture your breasts on their chest.
  3. Padawan? Is it your time of the month...already? Too easy.
  4. Good one! Young Padawan, I have hope for you.
  5. Am I Doctor Doomed? Haha.
  6. Yes! Doomed! You're doomed!
  7. It's never too late! NEVER! You know NA-THING!
  8. Too late! TOO LATE!
  9. I just love being crazy!!! Don't take that away from me!
  10. Fanboys are irrationally and ignorantly attached to their favourite characters and stories. I'm neither. So, wrong again. You're making a habit of this, it's horrid!
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