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  1. Its all good dude.Thanks anways
  2. Sorry mate, no way to get you such a code. There was a line of like q23742378523875 people :|
  3. I think you just go to to their riot booths. Btw thanks in advance.
  4. Sure just tell me how to get it. Dont expect me to wait for 2 hours though
  5. Since your going to gamescon, can I get a K9 Nasus skin code for league of legends, please. Ill be grateful forever.
  6. Damn, sucks man. Alright, tell me if you have time someday. Enjoy.
  7. apaologies mate, been terribly busy here so far. basiclly i'm sitting in an office all day, brainstorming with my customers. i dunno if i can meet up since i'll be back home on friday already
  8. Oh btw, I made an IQC, And I added you.
  9. Uh, I wanted to say that the dave and busters was a joke, Wicked315 dared me to write it on your wall. :P. Second of all Im going there today, so if you wanna meet up just for a second. It'll be good, just so we can familiarize with each other.
  10. hey mate.first off, this city is awesome <3 i've never seen such a big city in my life i already took like 50 pics in the cab .
    i'll be busy today so i dont know when i have spare time. i'll let you know :3
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