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  1. Got an msn or skype or aim?
  2. Oh, I see, not bad.

    Alright, SEO is Search Engine Optimization.
    SEO means, you get your link to the top on google when someone searches for something, thats what Google Adworks is for.
  3. A group of 4 people, we kinda go unto each others bloggs, click on each others ads, ect. Keep my CTR to 4%. Reapet daily
  4. Eh... how are you making $100 a month exactly :S?
  5. SEO?

  6. Use google adwords for SEO.
  7. I dont know how to get Advertisement to my domain site, not using google adsense,
  8. If you get $100 a month, how come you are still using blogger?
    Invest into traffic, invest into domains.
  9. into?

  10. If you are low on money, $100 a month is quite an amount.
    When I started I only got $40, so I don't know what to help you with.

    If you do get $100 a month, invest.
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