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  1. le shock sdgo service teminated!! good thing my service for ellie never ends
  2. Don't do that, hun. There's still a bunch around here for ya.
    If you do though, at least we have msn? :/
  3. you know what im quitting onrpg. it was a boring forum with little activity and the more the days go by gay mods are added into the moderation team whee! and i don't think i want to see anymore of that, Good bye! - meow T_T
  4. i see you 10char
  5. come baaaaaaaaaaaaaack i need meromerolines msn i call for it because his internet died and msn is the only thing that works .-.
  6. i finally found a tunnel thingy but nobody i know is in ameriCCA =(
  7. xD It's rather easy when you're used to it.
  8. funny thing is you have the siroco heart, you ignore poppings =P
  9. Good! I don't like getting spammed..Dx
  10. omg this place is like ghost town hi
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