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  1. Play cyphers wif meeeee.
  2. No, I'm stuck on yellow letter. Tehe.
    Damn limit on missions. :|

    kLS got like 10x better~
  3. !! I think I saw you earlier. Have you done a war yet? D:

    And we so will! T_T
  4. We've yet to play kLS together, by the way~

    And also, my IGN in FEZ is Astre. :>
  5. Aaa~
    I'll go on now and make a new char. :>
  6. It's open now! Cingal and I are playing on the second world. that doesn't start with an A. We'll be reds~ See you soon! <3
  7. QQ!
    Hopefully, I can get a spot. :x
  8. People are already quitting. Don't give uppp. D:

    I got 10 kills last battle, though. xD
    Also, I went yesod.
  9. Ew.
    Both factions are full.
    No new players can play. QQ
  10. They're all just testing out skills. o-o;

    Anyways, what faction?
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