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  1. Cause UHHHHHH........................................... ......Yep
  2. Ah alright. Its on Westcott Street, but I assume if you'd heard of that you would have made the connection lol. Maybe I'll take my chances. I had a good time at Lost Horizon last weekend...AND WKLJTEFKETHW WTF how do I not have you on my friends list?
  3. Never heard of it ;-;
  4. Ever been to the Westcott Theater? I'm thinking of going to a concert there but I'm undecided. If its in a terrible ghetto I'll probably just pass on it lol.
  5. Can't say I'm too sure >_< he'd be a few years ahead of you too most likely, but I dunno. I figured I'd ask since hes the only person I know personally that goes to your school haha.
  6. Over 9000 students lol. Na sorry. I even looked him up on FB and didnt find him so not sure. Maybe I bumped into him before though. Whats his major?
  7. Do you know a Rich Teehan by any chance? I know there are literally 1000's of kids at your school, but hey, theres an off-chance you might know him haha.
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