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  1. Anything you can do I can do better,
    I can do anything
  2. Then I tip my hat to you sir.
  3. I can edit signatures.
  4. Before I leave OnRPG, I will make my signature Pokemon in big, bold letters. Just like that. No accented e.
    You will have two choices: Ban me and lose your moderatorship, and never see my sig again. Or,
  5. I actually have the original, one with the quote "you gonna get *****", and that one that my friend drew all over for the lulz... And maybe one where you're a pirate, I just made that my pic cuz I found it in my pictures folder, and I found it lulzy.
  6. hahahaha wtf I just saw yr profile picture!!! LOL
  7. no yr
  8. yr being ridiculous
  9. What's up with yr typing man? Yr talkin funny all of a sudden.
  10. You mean all of em packed into one? No, that's all there is, I was confused because I have the individual books.
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