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  1. I keep mistaking you for nichons with that avatar.
  2. Dude, is that the monster from Ski Free?
  3. This is ground control to major Tom. Your circuits dead, theres something wrong.

    Can you hear me Major Tom?

    Can you hear me Major Tom?

    Can your hearrrrrr.........................
  4. Wowee!

  5. Yeah !
  6. You'd rather chop off your own ding dong than not drink?
  7. Haha, enjoy dude!~ I tried to play the other day...I just can't. The grind is too much for me. They need like x5 exp every day all day for me to play haha.
  8. I fixed maplestory, and I'm tinkering around with your i/l. Not even the amazing damage your skills do can take off my huge fear of the crimson balrog D:
    [I didn't change any account info, so everything that was there, still is]
  9. Oh snap. Its a super fun game haha.

    Homebrew Channel could solve all those issues
  10. I was looking through the arcade games in the Wii Shop today, and I saw Bonk's Adventure!

    I was gonna get it, but I used the last of my Wii points right before..
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