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  1. Haha! It's great, but no kids yet no ;p we're just doinka-doinking eachother all the time. <3
  2. How's the married life? Kids planned yet?
  3. Hahaha. (=
  4. Bananaphone
  5. Hahaha, yeeey
  6. Weee Thanks, This is going straight to my sig :O

  7. There you go.
    I smiled a little for you. ^__^
  8. Haha, exactly!

    Oh, alright... Hmm.
    I'll do one of those for you. ;o
    But I can't promise that it's going to be a good one, lulz.
  9. So you get 2 meals in one....One, you eat with your eyes and the second with your mouth..
    Ok, ok, now I require one of those Zymbaline pic autographs With a puuurty smile
  10. ... Cupcakes =(
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