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  1. Heartbreaking. What an incredible performance.
  2. Oh G-d! The shows with Arthur Doyle. Sick!
  3. ''Maxi box comes in 3 DVD cases with an outer box, this is first time these shows recorded between 1993 to the sessions from 1997 with Arthur Doyle & sabu Toyozumi are available on pressed CDs, Ignuitas stays as one of the semi official Label with Univive. Really freaked, slow for some shows with Mizutani autistic and noisy guitar playing . Already sold out at source''

    Released on Christmas
  4. Haha, nice! Yeah I'm running out of stuff to get as well. I try to limit myself to rare stuff only, or else my torrent client would probably be ridiculously messy, even after categorising.
  5. Freeleech extended for another 24 hours. Think it'll take me ages to get around to sorting the 37 new treasures I got from this round. @_@
  6. YESSSSSS thanks for the heads up. My ratio is currently 0.44 and I have like 5 tokens haha. Saving for a rainy day.
  7. What.CD is up and freeleech for 48 hours if you want to raise you ratio. :P
  8. Cool, hope you enjoy it.
  9. Kind of late but I saw your post in the browser thread and I've finally switched over to chrome now that it has that + adblock.
  10. Them fishnet stockings. This website has quite a big repertoire of films with HQ screenshots, awesome.
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