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  1. You would like that wouldn't you?!
  2. haha taiko is banned, you're still on my msn forgot to delete you omg -.-

    edit your profile and take out your msn x.x
  3. 4 years ago!!
  4. kenkasuru isn't yours? WTF
  5. I don't even have an MSN. JOKES ON YOU!
  6. at least i don't ignore msn invites!!! PFFFFFFFTTt..12.1.1..2
  7. Not anymore. My computer sucks but can still run vindictus on high settings. WHAT SAY YOU!!
  8. so like i heard you have a bad computer and play vindictus on low settings? o_o how be you?
  9. Fine ignore me on onrpg.
  10. Fine ignore me on msn.
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