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  1. My Furry Death God Pals.
  2. Oh my bad, didn't mean to offend your death god pals.
  3. ... I take offence to that!
  4. Nope. They are either rude death gods or furries. One or the other I swear.
  5. What a dick.

    Just can't find decent people these days.
  6. I know right. I was like, "dude, chill, lemme play you a song", and he was all like "fine take your ho" and then when I turned around Hades was all like "hah gotcha".

    Not cool.
  7. He does that!
  8. She's very dead. And Hades is being a douche about it.
  9. So, how's Eurydice?
  10. Oh ho ho.
    Why yes, you can worship me too!
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