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  1. I know lol I'm glad you're not one of the ******s who take me serious
  2. Haha I got no problem with you man. Just the last few days I read your posts and I'm like "Wtf who is saying this shit" and its been you hahahah. No hate man, no hate :3
  3. that haterade is best served cold brah
  4. No but I could certainly go to Oswego and have somewhere to chill (lots of my friends go to college there). I'm close to Syracuse. Ish.
  5. Where upstate do you live again? Oswego?
  6. Come visit me up north!
  7. in NYC in a town where drugs, whores, and guns are footsteps away
  8. Where you resideeeeeeeee son?
  9. xD I know. I'm being a smartass.
  10. invisible as in inactive
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