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  1. Regz Mongo
    LOL that sucks
    the worst bail i have had was
    my cousin had this sick manny pad but it was a little narrow, and the road is REALLY rough
    so i ollie onto it, BUT my back trucks got stuck so i went down HARD and scraped my arm REALLY bad.
    but this happened before last summer and i STILL have the massive scar haha
  2. Do you skate regular or goofy?
    I just had the worst bail,I was doing a basic ollie but my front foot landed on the nose of my board.I smacked my head,my left arm is bleeding,and I scraped my hand.
  3. Oh you mean Core Trucks
    im assuming you bought the complete from that ebay shop haha
    i got Mini Logo Deck (7.5), Venture Trucks, Blank Blue Wheels, Destructo Sendai Bearings and Lucky Hardware (1 green bolt for the nose)
  4. Enjoi whitey deck,risers,tgm wheels,core wheels,and I forgot what type of bearings I have
  5. nice nice
    what's your setup?
  6. Yea,i do skate
  7. yo dude
    do you skate?
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