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  1. Oh, you going to work soon? hehe you're becoming a young man I see how cute. :3 I'm sure you'll be a great worker once you find something you like doing... I wish you the best of luck with that. ^^

    And me well I'm doing pretty much nothing at the moment... but I may start learning how to drive in a month or two hopefully.
  2. Things have been pretty boring ! I sent my CV to my father so he'll print a few copies, I'll have to work soon, and I don't really like this <-< How's it goin for you ?
  3. Hey bro! long time no talk. :3 how's life been treating you man? I hope things been going well for you. :3
  4. I'll be fine don't worry! :3 I just need to get my sleep schedule back on track... (being up all night suck >.<)

    Plus I been waiting on groteske to log on xfire... I just hate when he randomly disappears like this... he needs to be punish for making me worry!
  5. Why not sleeping much ? ._. juu shud shleep ._.
  6. Well, I'm glad your bunny is drinking from his new water bottle, and I hope you feel better soon if you're still feeling sick. :3

    (Oh, and I was intending to talk to you... it's just my emotions was getting the best of me and I really didn't want to burden you with such things..)

    But! anyway I'm doing fine! ^^ just been tired.. since I haven't been sleeping much.
  7. Oh fine, I wus sick yesterday though and still had to go to the petshop, I bought food for my bunny and a new water bottle, he drinks in it !!! it's a miracle ! (he didn't drink from his old one ._.)

    (were you even intending to talk to me ... since there's a reference to your conversation with Groteske ._.)

    How are ya ?
  8. RAWR!!! *noms on* Hey buddy! how things going for you? :3
  9. Wut :O ? lol... pm ?
  10. I was going to post my picture, but I know no one knows who I am really. lol
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